the story of the creation of frost

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the story of the creation of frost Empty the story of the creation of frost

Post by frost janitor on Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:28 pm

In a time long long ago, there were 3 friends who did everything together. Their names were Cosy,Brittlewind and Tristan. One day these three decided to make a server, not just any type of server, a ps server. Tristan was the genius of the group and day after day he would work hard constructing the code for the server tuning it up until it was just right.Brittlewind was the innovator of the group, new ideas always came to hishead and he would tell them to tristan ot be done. Lastly there was Cosy, his powers were unknown and many did not know much of this mysterious fellow. Time past and finally the server was made.
In due time people began to join the server and it slowly began to creep up the ranks of servers, ruled by its three admins, Tristan,Cosy and Brittlewind. That year the server the three has called frost won server of the year and recieved many accolades from the one and only zarel. For a time all was well with the Frost server and all was well with its three admins.
However, one day this all changed, a new comer known as Jd joined the server and instantly began to share his coding expertise with the 3 admins and prettys soon he was an admin himself. JD not being satisfied with admin wanted more, he wanted to be known as the genius. JD swayed the thoughts of Cosy and Brittlewind until one day they decided there was no longer a need for Tristan and decided to get rif of him. They banished him to the rank of voice and permanently FRT'd him to the name "Frost Janitor". Now he is cursed to sweep the hallowed halls of frost, never to be admin again, never to rule over what was once rightfully his.
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