The Story of J- err Turbo

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The Story of J- err Turbo Empty The Story of J- err Turbo

Post by EnerG218 on Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:34 am

Turbo's server The Battle tower was originally very popular in Pokemon Showdown, and he loved all the attention that the users gave him. One day, a new server came in named amethyst and proved to be more popular towards the 15 year old man children because of a certain admin that basically was everything they wanted, leaving Turbo to become very envious. Because of this, Turbo abandons his own server, and inserted himself into the new server, causing the server to start actually becoming good, much to the dismay of two admins hosting the server. Once the boys reported this to Mr. lolshowderpistotallynotshit, he had both Turbo and Amethyst "stern talked" immediately. This notorious event is what led to coining the terms "server-jumping" and "going Turbo" by all server admins to discourage themselves from moving from one server to another during up time. Now the location of Turbo is unknown, but he may lie within this server server...

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