Rules of the Art Road!

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Rules of the Art Road!

Post by Agous on Mon Sep 09, 2013 5:58 pm

Welcome to the Artists' Den!

Here, we post our Pokemon sprites and drawing for other's to see.

Here is an example of an accepted sprite:

Here is an example of a NOT accepted sprite:

The NOT accepted art is just a quick fusion that isn't real art. If ya post one of those, you will get a message notified, and consequences may apply according the amount of bad posts.

Any art that you post must be your own unless you have approval to post it/give credit to the original author of the art piece. You are allowed to post that is primarily Pokemon related in this section whether it be sprites or large graphics or wall papers.

All drawings must be appropriate. This is not new news to you I hope. Any inappropriate images that are deemed unacceptable will be removed and a warning will be issued. If you post anything that breaks rules (rules such as no porn/extreme gore etc apply) will result in further punishment. Porn is strictly forbidden so do not post it otherwise you may face a ban.

Thank you For reading this thread. Enjoy the Art Den ^_^

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