The Spectro League

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The Spectro League

Post by Zarif on Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:27 pm

The Spectro League. We are a group of strong, hard-working trainers that battle and enjoy pokemon!You can also challenge the league to earn a spot in our Hall of fame title in our league challenge through 8 gym leaders and 4 elite fours to get a battle with the champion.Come at challenge us !!!!

The Spectro league has its Own Website Which Can be Found by asking in the Frost Server.

Da Rules

1. The highest tier allowed is OU.
2. Make sure you give the Gym Leaders and Elite 4 members some room. Consider their time too.
3. 1 OU or less tiered legendary (Latios, Suicune) allowed per team.
4. You must show proof of having beaten ALL Gyms before challenging the Elite 4.
5. If you lose to a Gym Leader, you must wait 3 hours before you may challenge that same Gym Leader again. During this time you may challenge other Gym Leaders, though.
6. If you win a Gym Badge, then please PM SpectroChamp Zarif or your badge will not be counted. And if he is offline then PM SpectroE4 Laggalot , SpectroGL_xxJohnxx or Spectro GL Fist!
7.  You can use ONLY ONE TEAM in the League!! You can not change this team. Please PM SpectroChamp Zarif, SpectroE4 Laggalot , SpectroGL_xxJohnxx or Spectro GL Fist and PM your team! If anyone sees any change in the team then we will discard your badges!

Gym Leaders


Type : Water


Type : Grass


Type : Ground

spectroGL gotcha57

Type : Steel

Spectro GL Fist

Type : Fighting

SpectroGL Jello

Type : Rock

Elite 4



Type : Ice


Type : Bug


Type : Dark


Type : Ghost

Da Champ

SpectroChamp Zarif

Type : Fire

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