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Post by Gym Ldr. Spirtomb on Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:22 pm

The Mangolia League is all about fun!! The owner is Champion Laxus and he ( as you can tell by his name) is our Champion! We have two parts of our league: The Fairy tail Guild Gym Leaders and Elite Fours and The Lambent Soul Gym Leaders and Elite Fours. Gym Leaders are identified with the % symbol and Elite fours+ Laxus are identified with the # sign in our room on Frost. I am the Grass Gym leader of the Lambent Soul part and I'm usually on everyday at different times. We have no gym leader spots and any people interested in being a Gym Trainer is invited to join, this league is huge and can only get bigger. MFL!!!!!!!!! ( Mangolia For Life)
( since im a new member i can not post our site on here until 7 days from when this was posted, after those 7 days i will post our site but feel free to come to our chat room on Frost and ask us all about it, thanks!)

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