Searching system and tag battle

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Searching system and tag battle

Post by Exzlu on Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:29 pm

I had in mind if there would be create own groups and go tag battle whit friends whit that option :3..

Pokemon search would be better not only name but type search is good too whit it and then you find more easily pokemons what you wanna in your team.

OFC there should be name search bar so we can find player who we wanna to find by name. Scrolling down and up all of time is kinda boring and if we wanna find name fast, we just need write it on search bar and we find player and can pm easier Smile.

(dunno if these are good suggestions)


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Re: Searching system and tag battle

Post by Cosy on Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:40 pm

Due to how the server itself runs, we can't really make huge overhauls to the system, search wouldn't be as you think. Maybe a command for you to save your type and then someone searches it and if they match it tells you each that you want to battle or whatever.

So I 'save' Steel, someone else wants to battle Steel and 'search' Steel, they get my name and can challenge. That is something that may potentially work but would take a bit of work. Not impossible, would be interesting to try.

Name is a little harder, assuming it would be buy parts of name, it could be more complex than beneficial. Our list isn't usually huge so searching isn't bad for a friend and there is a command to directly challenge. /challenge [username]

The last being even more interesting. The thing is, Zarel and other Devs developed PS battle system with it being fed by p1 and p2. Meaning all mechanics work off of p1 and/or p2, all checks are done on them and there is a lot of code. I don't even know whether the server itself could be modified for it or we would need to go into client (longer story). Although in theory it is possible, it is something that may take too long and too much effort to do to be worth while.

Thanks for the suggestions, I am not pushing them off as is. I will talk to other Developers and see their thoughts and look how we could do them. I do like the search by type one though as we host a lot of leagues which may benefit from it.

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