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Post by BetaHousing on Sun Oct 20, 2013 2:14 am

Hi, why am I doing an introduction? I don't fucking n=know, why does a cosy drink tea? I do too, I like tea. So you may be asking yourself one of many things, whether it'd be "Who the fuck is this asshole" or "I've already seen this prick before in the server, why do I have to get an introduction to him?" Well little children, the answer to that question is I don't fucking know, and if you ask me, I will be upset and angry. Smile So to those of you that don't know me, hi! Nice to meet you over text and not actually face to face like all of these kids do today! I was voiced for 3 days here, yet Aura Burst had to be "FAIR" and "NICE" and had to devoice me. So I went into a state of deep depression and repression for about a month, even though this happened last week, it felt like a month. Not the devoicing part that got me repressed, it was that AURA BURST BETRAYED MY TRUST THAT LITTLE--... Ehmm hmm. Sorry about that, I guess I'm still mad that he didn't even give me a thank you card or anything. Why would he give me a card? Well for one I don't like cards, they're a waste of spacce and money and I forgot what I was typing about and was too lazy to actually read it again because it's 2 in the morning. So I feel like we should get to know each other because we are such besties OMGROFLOLCOPTRBBQ.

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