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Post by PileD on Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:34 pm

There are big tournaments on Saturday that which plenty of people have time to attend, however sometimes we just can't make it due to a number of different reasons. Missing those Saturday tournament also means missing out on a lot of frost bucks. So why not have a way to be able to get frost bucks quickly and what better way them to do 1v1 CC tournaments. Well that's exactly what 1v1 CC Sunday Madness is going to be, a 5 hour marathon of straight 1v1 CC tournaments that would be hosted on Sundays from 3 PM est.- 8 PM est. The marathons will be held in the Tournaments and Tournaments 2 chat rooms for 5 straight hours of non stop 1v1 CC tournaments! Make sure you join to get bucks quickly and remember! The bigger the tour, the bigger the reward! Very Happy


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