The New Arrival of the Oblivion League!

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The New Arrival of the Oblivion League!

Post by Franken ┼×tein on Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:21 pm

Okay, i'm gonna keep this short and sweet. You must obtain 8 out of 16 badges to face the Elite four. I'll provide a link to the Site so you can see the roster. And, Save replays of Each Gym Leader Battle proving you've won, otherwise, We can't verify you won, or, Ask an E4/Champion(Me) to watch the matches. Also, You will be allowed to switch teams TWICE for Gym Leaders, Meaning.. Let's say you start out with one team, you can switch that team and switch once more. Your third team will be the ONLY team you can use from then on. Once you face the Elite Four, You may pick one final team and you will be using only that team throughout.


No bullshit, no complaining, and keep it fun. Don't rage if you lose.
Also, Adhere to the Team Rules about switching as We will be directing you here before an actual Challenge.

That's the roster. Good Luck and have fun!

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