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Post by SuperJeenius on Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:26 pm

Hey! I'm Chris, or better known on the frost server as SuperJeenius. This is my first post to the frost forums, but I feel that would be necessary to welcome some people. My frost story begins during the summer of 2013. I was watching some Pokémon online and showdown videos and wanted to make my own account for the summer. I've been playing Pokémon since the special Pikachu yellow version was released on my game boy color. Anyway, I chose showdown because PO wanted my credit card number and I don't feel secure handing that out to all the Internet peoples. I started by selecting random battles and heard about the voice challenge. I asked some people about what ranks can do because I was a showdown noob. Then, I began battling in tournaments on challonge to improve my competitive battling skill level I won a lot of battles, however I knew there was a lot I didn't know about Pokémon. Showdown also got me into using smogon more often. This was during the time, when I played some nuzlockes on past Pokémon games in anticipation for X and Y. Later on, I found the leagues room where BrittleWind was advertising his new server. I didn't know anything about the showdown servers but I still clicked on the link and aefaefaefa was looking for gym leaders and elite 4. I sent a pm to him saying I wanted to be the dragon e4 member I was easily defeated by a scarfed moxiemence... I went for dragons because on the main server I joined a league as a dragon gym leader, but was kicked out because I well... sucked. I became voiced by asking aef if there were anymore spots for his league, then I became a frontier brain. That same day, bofish was on his "night shift" and said he would promote people who went on at night. I asked politely and by the way bofish acted I knew he wasn't very smart. I became a moderator for frost in just a couple hours. I felt that I was a good and active mod and a week or two later I asked aef if I would be a leader and he said sure. Please don't be me! Frost has gained a lot of momentum and popularity, since then and you would be practically asking for a mute. Thanks to frost, I've become a better battler and made some awesome friends. My biggest achievement/disappointment would be coming in 2nd place in a huge 140-man ou tourney by leaving before my ultimate battle with Priest, and losing in the first round of the league vs. league tourney with that same ou team. But, 7 ou battle wins in a row and getting haxed in the league tourney... this pretty much describes me :I Also, I do not as of yet know how to code. However, I'm taking an IT class which teaches JavaScript as a required lesson, but that could be weeks from now. That pretty much introduces me. So, I look forward to continue being a productive leader on frost, even though my job isn't as difficult as the admins, and helping other users with their many problems and improving the chat for everyone. Bai!

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