The Celosia League

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The Celosia League

Post by Khaz on Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:24 pm

The Celosia League was formed to serve a purpose as a refuge for a previously fallen league, providing active, talented players a place to go. However, with the strong leadership of Zanbato (GreenZanbato), Sparta (I AM SPARTA), and I (HiddenPowerFlying), it has blossomed into a league that provides an excellent battling structure and creates an atmosphere that is beneficial to all. From it's foundation nearly half a year ago, it has developed into a full-fledged league that showcases features that appeal to a wide variety of challengers. With particularly superb organization, a welcoming staff, and talented gym leaders, Celosia has hosted countless players. We are taking in challengers at any time - as long as I, or Seph (Epinicion), are online; which is pretty frequent. The Celosia League is constantly improving, and we welcome you with open arms - Come On In!


Our rules list is rather extensive, however, here are a few handpicked rules that are very general and essential to all members of the league.

1.) No spamming (this applies to our Frost room, as well as our XAT.)
2.) Listen to and respect those of higher authority, if you feel someone is out of place, feel free to contact a Mod.
3.) Battles are to be in Tiershift format, with the exception that both players are willing to battle in a different tier.
4.) You are not allowed to "coach" a player during a battle. (For example: "HE HAS TOXIC; SWITCH OUT.")
5.) No flaming, being obnoxious, etc.
6.) Before challenging the league, you must send your team in Pastebin to a mod or owner and have an accurate profile; any wins without either of these will be voided.

For all of the rules, click here:


One of the key aspects that make Celosia so successful, and stand out from other leagues is its top-tier organization. We take many steps to ensure that everything is recorded in an efficient way that allows easy access. For example, we utilize the tool Pastebin quite often, especially for recording the teams of our challengers. We do this to ensure that no one cheats throughout their challenge. If you are unaware of this process, click here: (There is no way of getting around sending in a Pastebin of your team. If you don't want to, then don't show up.)

Another valuable process we do is record all replays. Our loyal gym leader, Void (The Neo Void), records ALL replays on a document - in which they are placed on a challenger's profile periodically (usually bi-daily). This allows league officials to easily confirm if a challenger has met certain badge requirements to challenge the elite four, or access our somewhat exclusive XAT chat.


Our staff make the Celosia league as functional as it is, and we cannot express enough how grateful we are to their loyalty and cooperation throughout the months. 'Here are a few words from some of them.

Shep: "Hello, welcome to our fine league, full of top tier gym leaders who are more than willing to test your skill."

Void: "Ay baby! I'll take you on a ride that you'll nevah forget!"

For a list of all of the gym leaders/elite four/staff, click here:

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